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I never use haha. But that's because my mom and I don't typically hold conversations. It's more of a quick "Do you know where my keys are?" kind of thing.

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Scientist Scientist

In response to “I never use haha. But that's because my mom...

You only text your mom?!? Forever alone...

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Dwight Dwight

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Jesus Christ do you people have to be so sensitive to political correctness? Sure, girls might like when guys but their lip, but this post has nothing to do with that, it's a post about guys who like girls who bit their lip. If you want to know whether or not girls like guys who bite their lip, make a goddamn post about it yourself, don't get all bitchy about it on mine.

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7 Reasons NOT to date a British boy:
1. His accent
2. He'll probably be cliche and call you "love"
3. His accent
4. He cares about his clothes more than his teeth.
5. His accent
6. He arrogantly thinks he's "cute"
7. That annoying accent!

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In response to “7 Reasons NOT to date a British boy: 1. His...

8. He could be from One Direction.

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You know what I just realised? Women aren't locks and men aren't keys. We're all human beings with complex emotions and sexualities and no-one should have the right to decide who can enjoy having more than one sexual partner and who can't based on their gender. If a woman wants to have ** with multiple partners without getting into relationships with them and she practices safe ** then why can't she? What right does anyone, male or female, have to look down on her? Stop acting like there's one rule for men and one for women, we aren't living in the 50s anymore.

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

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You caused someone not to live.. If that's not killing what is? Your decision is to have **** or not. Not if you want to abort the consequences/results that come after that.

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In response to “You caused someone not to live.. If that's...

Not having **** is causing someone not to live as well. Hell, not raping every woman you see is preventing someone from being born. Is that considered killing? Should I be arrested for not raping women?

Besides, the fetuses that are aborted are ones that would harm the gene pool anyways. People that get abortions are normally poor, uneducated women who had **** before they were ready without the proper protection. The children born to these women would likely become equally uneducated and poor due to both their family situation and, more importantly, to their genetics.

If you look at the situation completely objectively, you'll realize that the money needed to raise a child in a developed country could save more than one living child from starvation in a developing country. And these living children actually feel pain from their slow death. Of course, I realize that the money saved from not raising a child are definitely not sent to developing countries, but the point is the money needed to raise those children could be used for far better things.

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I KNOW! It's so annoying, my Mom is always like: "Oh, that's my son. He likes murdering people with a rusty axe." I mean like, I ONLY DID THAT ONCE!

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EpicFlameSword EpicFlameSword

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Let me express my gratitude in pickup lines. (I'm a girl, so don't let this get weird or whatever)

Effie: Mahogany isn't the only wood I like.

Seneca: I may be head gamemaker but I won't be playing any games with your heart.

When we get together, even the birds will stop to listen.

Are you morphling? 'Cause I'm getting high on you.

:) none are original.

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cherryblaster cherryblaster

In response to “Let me express my gratitude in pickup lines...

Or you could take the more agressive route:
I want to take off all of your clothes and stuff you in a cave with me for 3 days.

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Montana Montana

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Central Florida is one of the best for special needs schools, though.

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Montgomery_Scott Montgomery_Scott

In response to “Central Florida is one of the best for...

Yeah but statistics show everyone in Central Florida IS a special needs student.

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amiritesucksnow amiritesucksnow

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They introduced a breakfast hot pocket. Now you can eat a hot pocket for breakfast, and I hot pocket for lunch and be dead by dinner.

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musical musical

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Too soon, man

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God God

In response to “Too soon, man

You're right. It's way too soon. Thus, I have created a countdown so we know when it won't be too soon anymore

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