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My fantasy was always a girl inviting me to her house when her parents weren't home. Then she'd make me climb through the window even though she was home alone. As I climbed she would push me off the ladder and I'd break my back. She'd visit me in the hospital occasionally, then end up dating a doctor who looks 10X better than me. Lastly, I'd file a lawsuit and sue her whole family and they'd end up on the street as I roll down the street in my diamond laced wheelchair.

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In response to “My fantasy was always a girl inviting me to...

wow... just ... wow

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alyssakuga alyssakuga

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god you are really annoying and the sirius pun has been done already so if youre gonna be obnoxious over harry potter try to be original. i love harry potter as much as the next guy but you just tick me off

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In response to “god you are really annoying and the sirius...

hey CJ.... shut up

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alyssakuga alyssakuga

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