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Sigh. It's people like you, and all those who agreed with this post, that are the reason our generation will NEVER create a revolution. Would women have the right to vote if women believed this in the 20's? Would birth control be legal today if people believed this in the 50's, when married couples couldn't even use condoms?

It's sad. our generation is so helpless, lazy and disillusioned that we can't change anything. Get off your ****, fight for what is right, and stop accepting everything just because change seems impossible.

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No, I shouldn't respect their opinion. I don't respect an opinion just because it's an opinion; it has to be demonstrated to be valid before it earns my respect.

And yeah, I agree with the others that racism isn't usually kept to themselves and usually manifests itself as offending others, in which case, I'm not going to keep silent.

I recognize the satire of this question, but not all opinions are created equal and people need to realize that. Just because something is an opinion doesn't mean it's automatically deserving of respect.

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Logan Logan

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*Holds out cupped hands filled with water* "Would you like to pet my moose? His name is Jackson. Oh, but watch out for the antlers."

LOLWUT? My moose?

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Jennitalia Jennitalia

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My favorite screamo song poem goes like:

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