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I like big things in my butthole.

Hmmm... Guess it worked fine this time.

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you know the rate of Cancer is going UP Consistently And we will probably never Know what causeEs it to occur in different partS of our bodies.

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Delightful_Dolphin Delightful_Dolphin

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Then explain to me how leaves stay on trees, oh and while your at it, explain how birds fly and how clouds stay in the sky... oh wait, that's right, YOU CAN'T!

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In response to “Then explain to me how leaves stay on trees...

Are you actually that stupid? The leaves stay on the trees because they're f'king connected from the stems of each leaf.....I feel like you're either trolling, or you're like 5 years old. Do you want me to go and explain the actual physical bonds of the cells of the leaves or what? Birds can fly because the force they are creating from flapping their wings is greater than the force of gravity that is pulling them down. When I say force, I mean the force of pushing the air molecules downward. Yes, air does have volume and mass, as do clouds. Clouds float because the tiny crystals that they are made out of are just as light as air, so in a sense, they ARE air. The crystals they are made out of are too small to have any fall velocity. Think of dust particles floating above the ground. They float because they are light as air. Where the particles go is determined by the air currents.

Your education seems to have derived from episodes of Spongebob.

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Yote4Lyfe Yote4Lyfe

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