It's almost disgraceful that there is a point in a lack of physical attraction people will tell you you're beautiful out of pity, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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I don't understand what her beauty or lack thereof has to do with **** anything. I don't look at her and think about whether she's beautiful or not, I look at her and see a sick little girl. Why do her looks even matter? Are we supposed to feel more sorry for a beautiful sick little girl than an ugly sick little girl?

Until I just read the name of the disease again, I couldn't remember it. And you know why? Because this whole awareness thing has been nothing but an anti-meme with people only arguing about whether she's pretty or not. The main **** point when all this started was to get people aware of the disease, but that hasn't been even remotely the focus for some time.

I know a lot of people truly care for this girl, but telling her she's pretty isn't going to do a damn thing to help her. For **'s sake, she's a sick child. Let that sink in for you. She's five years old and her life is near half way over. She might, maybe, just live to be 20. You think she gives a ** how she looks?

If you truly care, do something for her cause. Otherwise, just shut the **** up, because it doesn't make you a better person to pretend, it makes you worse.


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frogy8thefly frogy8thefly

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I have symphony for them, but I just don't understand it. But by no means, do they need to just "get over it".

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WhoopieGoldberg WhoopieGoldberg

In response to “I have symphony for them, but I just don't...

Most of use just show a bit of sympathy but Whoopie over there gets them a whole damn orchestra.

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(hmm) But don't most women want the opposite? LIke don't most women want guys to look at their face instead of their ****? I know I would. I don't have time for pigs. I have self respect. :/

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In response to “(hmm) But don't most women want the opposite?...

- - -Joke- - ->
[Your Head]


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Rainboots Rainboots

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In response to “I HEAR STATEFARM IS A SEXY ****. (wary)

Shit, I ACTUALLY forgot to go Anon. ****, I'm stupid. /facepalm

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the best place to hide a body is in Terms and Conditions

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Favvkes Favvkes

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My favorite screamo song poem goes like:

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When I was a little kid and someone told me that I freaked out because I thought they meant I wasn't allowed on the team since I wasn't in team. I threw a soccer ball at the gym teacher's face. I wasn't on the team after that.

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When I was a kid I found my dad's hatchets. I chopped down about a hundred small trees and just left them on the ground.

Then I laughed maniacally.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

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-Shoot everyone in the airport to cancel all flights.
-Steal plane fuel.
-Add banner to the towers that says "NOT world trade center".
-Wipe peanut butter on the plane, so the pilots woul be like "Shit. I can't fly because there's peanut butter on my plane!"
-All of the above

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Serg Serg

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One day I'll tell my grandchildren about a time when the internet was uncensored and users roamed free within its borders like majestic lions across the grasslands. I'll tell them how we had to type things out instead of using the neural links implanted in our brain stems, how we had to scroll down through dozens of menus, both ways, with a stalled connection to find what we wanted, and I'll remind them that children these days are so ungrateful. I'll tell them how we had programs that connect you to another user across the world and let you talk about your different experiences, and when they ask me if I ever saw anyone's **** between the philosophical debates I'll laugh and find a clever way to avoid answering, because the elderly are entitled to their secrets. I'll complain about my carpel tunnel and advanced arthritis in both thumbs, and at thanksgiving I'll remind them to be thankful for mind upload text. I'll keep my dear old friend, my laptop, on a shelf beside the grandfather clock, where it will gather dust because it's been broken for years and the parts are no longer made, and the children will stare at it in wonder and marvel, "The screen really does fold up!"

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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But chopsticks aren't forks

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afternooner afternooner

In response to “But chopsticks aren't forks

Wow. Upon hearing those words, I was chilled to the bone by the poignant reality and brutality of the truth. Never before had I realised the pure difference between these two objects... that a chopstick is not a fork. Afternooner, you will go down as one of the greatest thinkers in the history of mankind.

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Whacka Whacka

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I hate all the overused spoof versions of the song. por ejemplo: I THROW MY HOMEWORK IN THE AIR SOMETIMES, SAYING AYOOO I'LL TAKE A ZERO -_-

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In response to “I hate all the overused spoof versions of the...

We gonna vote this up, we gonna post all night, we gonna hype shit up cuz this is amirite

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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