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In response to “Okay.

I, of course (for I am a pathetic knave), will be crushed beneath your sandals of wisdom and justice. My face will be contorted in a grotesque snarl, yet, a glimmer of admiration shall twinkle in my heavy lidded eyes as I tilt my pathetic head to just catch a glimpse of your perfect form. I will be modeled in cast iron so as not to detract from your superiority. Peasants and groundlings shall laugh at me.

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Lkun Lkun

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Well, 57 were able to.

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In response to “Well, 57 were able to.

Shall I give them an award? Would you like a prize? A monument perhaps?

Yes, a statue! Perfect. It shall be covered in gold leaf. Your image shall be worshiped! Beneath, the plaque shall read, "Anonymous, the man who had 57 people read his post." For CENTURIES, your image will be seen by millions NO! billions! they will weep at the feet of the statue.

Now all that's left is the pose... AH! I have it! You can spread your arms out, as if welcoming all people of the world into the arms of your omniscience. There shall be a small smirk painted on your glorious face. A wreath of olives will encircle your brow. Your trousers will have 57 pleats, so as to symbolize the 57 enlightened ones.


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Lkun Lkun

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Newsflash: criminals are going to get guns whether they're legal or not, so why should law abiding citizens be left defenseless? Also, strict gun laws only causes the black market for them to flourish, making the criminals even more powerful. It's not rocket science here. And there's the whole 2nd Amendment giving us the right to bear arms thing.. You might actually have know this if you hadn't been watching so much MTV.

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In response to “Newsflash: criminals are going to get guns...

NEWSFLASH: The Constitution is 222 years old and reflects a different time when there were pioneers blazing trails through wilderness in uninhabited areas where there were no police officers or anything to protect people and enforce laws and when the only army America had was a militia of privately armed citizens. Now we spend $1 trillion a year on the military and 99% of Americans live in fairly densely populated areas. You should be able to own a handgun of course, but not ones like the one Laughner used. No private citizen will find themselves in a situation where they need to fire 30 rounds without reloading.

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

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