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I'm LDS (oh shit everyone - the crazies are out...) and I don't believe one bit that it is my business, or anyone else's business to tell anyone who they can and cannot marry. I believe that all people, whether they be average Joe's, religious leaders, or world leaders should have the same rights as long as they're willing to work hard in life. I believe that even religious leaders (LDS included) can make mistakes and misinterpret God's teachings. I'm pretty positive that God said multiple times in the Bible that only he is allowed to judge his people, so therefore I am going to stay the hell out of it and try my best to love everyone and be a good person. I believe anyone can be a good person if they really try, regardless of their opinions, sexual orientation, social status, or mental/physical abnormalities.

Love and loyalty bitches.

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"Aaaayyy, why you so souppid?"

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

In response to “"Aaaayyy, why you so souppid?"

Aaaayyy Copernicus, why don't you´╗┐ navigate yourself to the back of the line with your feet and stand there with your shirt?

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Dwight Dwight

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Potential Employer: "Looking at your resume, Bob, it seems that you have seven Diamond Amirite achievements."
Me: "Yes?" *beams proudly*
Potential Employer: "What the **** are they?"

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Whacka Whacka

In response to “Potential Employer: "Looking at your...

No, here's how it would go:

Potential employer: "I see you have seven diamond achievements on Amirite."
Me: "Yes..."
Potential employer: "Excuse me while I take my clothes off."

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That might work in theory, but human rights activists will completely shit on you.

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MaryKateBurnett MaryKateBurnett

In response to “That might work in theory, but human rights...

Put them in the cages too.

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The only thing my **** ed class could stop giggling long enough to agree on was that the female reproductive system totally looks like a cow's head.
I rest my case.

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

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whats that?

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In response to “whats that?

That, my friend, is an amirite "post," which you can either agree with or disagree with by clicking "Yeah You Are" or "No Way," respectively. I know it sounds a little complicated, but you'll get the hang of it soon enough.

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DrRockso DrRockso

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