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Not all "fruit" is an ovary. For example, apples are actually the swollen receptacle of the flower. But yes, the definition of a fruit is a matured ovary. Legumes, goat heads, squash, and cucumbers are all technically fruits too. Did you know that blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are not actually berries? Blackberries/raspberries are called aggregate fruits. Which means they are several different drupes (a different type of fruit) that combined to form one. Strawberries are achenes. Each individual seed is its own fruit stuck on the swollen receptacle. Sorry I'm sure you don't care at all but that was my rant about fruit :]

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UhOhBananaTime UhOhBananaTime

In response to “Not all "fruit" is an ovary. For...

You know alot about fruit o.O

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Guys- I am a demon baby worshiper that rides unicorns while eating rice pudding, and I don't really mind this post. The people who are getting offended aren't actually demon baby worshipers that ride unicorns while eating rice pudding, so they don't know how REAL demon baby worshipers that ride unicorns while eating rice pudding actually feel, and they shouldn't pretend they do.

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The Bible - The Worlds First Trolling

"Oh shit guys, let's put all of this in a book, tell people it's real, and see if they actually fall for it."

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I agree, but why the **** did you make it so I'd have to read your post 10 times to try and figure out why you put those ellipses in there?

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"I'll listen for him by pressing my ear onto this thing door... Oh crap! He stabbed my ear through the door! Who could have seen that coming?!"

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To all haters: I DON'T LOVE YOU. HEAVEN HELP US if TEENAGERS start to SING MCR. When will I ever hear THE END of your complaining. It's nothing to STAY AWAKE over. I'M NOT OKAY with all these people that are complaing about the new MCR. What would your MAMA's think?

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BurnyBurn BurnyBurn

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