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I never think about my ****... they always look the same.

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fuustoleit fuustoleit

In response to “I never think about my ****... they always...

Maybe I should check them for you, just in case they've changed without your notice

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Why? Lady Gaga is genuinely talented, it's just masked by all the shit they do with her voice and obnoxious music. She can sing and play piano beautifully, and she writes her own songs.
Just because she dresses weird doesn't mean anyone should be 'ashamed' of her because, unlike almost all other popular bands/singers, she's very talented.

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I've had depression for awhile and it's so debilitating. I have no hope for anything, I feel like I'm just going through the motions of living and I feel so lonely. Not to say that I don't have a laugh here and there but what's annoying is that no matter how illogical my feelings are, it's still how I feel. I have friends who care about me- I know that, but I still feel like I've got nothing.

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The only thing my **** ed class could stop giggling long enough to agree on was that the female reproductive system totally looks like a cow's head.
I rest my case.

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

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Quit being such a downer. If people want to post about Harry Potter, that shouldn't be a problem. Harry Potter is a popular franchise. Deal with it.
I may be anti-female, but I am pro-Potter.

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TheMisogynist TheMisogynist

In response to “Quit being such a downer. If people want to...

"I may be anti-female, but I am pro-Potter" has to be the most round-about way of saying "virgin" ever.

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"Freeze Mentos into ice-cubes. Then give your friends an iced diet coke. After five minutes their drink will randomly explode."

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UpandAdam UpandAdam

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Leave huge tips at cheap diners to freak out the waitstaff. Buy a homeless guy a fully stocked RV, videotape it, and see if you can make it go viral. Set up a charity under an obviously fake name, something like "Ivanna Tinkle," and watch the media have fun with it. Start your own gameshow. Fill a small pool with jello or corn starch and water like you always wanted to do when you were a kid. Hire a bunch of people and prank a small town somehow, like leaving an identical lawn gnome on every doorstep, or organizing a huge impromptu scavenger hunt. Have a ball pit installed in your home. Have a superhero costume custom-made and go bungee jumping in it. Walk into a small store and announce that you want to buy everything in it. Stop people on the street and offer them large sums of money for their clothing. Scatter quarters all over a playground and watch small children have their days made when they find them.
Just think about it. I'm sure you'll find ways to have fun.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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I heard of a guy who ordered ice-cream, and leaned out the window to whisper 'do you believe in unicorns?' and they said 'no' so he grabbed the cone, stuck the ice-cream to his forehead, and drove away screaming 'BELIEVEEE!!' ... Don't do bathsalts.

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Noshatsherlock Noshatsherlock

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People don't get mad over one minor thing and blow their brains out. It builds up over time from constant abuse. You've probably never been put in the situation of extreme verbal abuse. Calling someone "stupid" isn't what I'm talking about. When your mother tells you she wishes she would have had an abortion and your father wishes you dead, THEN you can talk.

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In response to “People don't get mad over one minor thing and...

When your father sends you somewhere to die, THEN you can talk.

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Jesus_Christ Jesus_Christ

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It feels great to take off to Pigfarts in your rocket ship after a long day of rolling around on the floor.

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JAYwalker JAYwalker

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How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm on mobile so it's not like I can just scroll over it)

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FlyingMintBunny FlyingMintBunny

In response to “How do you make all of those emoticons? (I'm...

( hello ) = (hello)
( un ) = (un)
( angry ) = (angry)
( lolwut) = (lolwut)
( ono ) = (ono)
( goo ) = (goo)
( yum ) = (yum)
( frown ) = (frown)
( d ) = (d)
( smirk ) = (smirk)
( wary ) = (wary)
( no ) = (no)
( hmm ) = (hmm)
( hehe ) = (hehe)
( cool ) = (cool)
( l ) = (l)
( Y ) = (y)
( n ) = (n)
( love ) = (love)
( cry2 ) = (cry2)

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Axolotl Axolotl

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Oh, you may not think I'm dirty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A filthier hat than me.
You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
But I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat,
As grimy as a stall.
There are diseases hidden in my head
That people cannot see,
So try me on and I will give you
More than just a flea.

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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You obviously don't know what love is. Love is taking the trash out for your mom when you know she had a long day, it's holding back from saying that little comment that will ruin your friend's day, it's picking up your significant other's favorite flavor of ice cream even though you don't really like it. Love is about denying the selfishness of human nature because you love a person enough to do that little something for them.
The sweet feeling of a grand gesture will fade in time, the little sacrifices permeate forever. You have some growing up to do.

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Janae17 Janae17

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O.o I was really thinking that todays POTD was going to be about Bin Ladin ... but this is way better

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In response to “O.o I was really thinking that todays POTD...

It's neither about Bin Laden or about a guy that's Bin Laid.

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Ross Ross

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Or being a muggle-born with a last name like Black.

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Ariodante Ariodante

In response to “Or being a muggle-born with a last name like...

Exhibit A: Rebecca Black.

She is part mermaid on her mother's side, which explains why she can't sing on dry land.

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Shadi Shadi

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Awesome! My so-called "friend" *glares at friend* didn't find it of utmost importance to call me and tell me about it RIGHT AWAY. (It may have been months before it came out. I think I learned from

I love MAMD (Darren is the one that screams "** you! you! HEY! ** YOU!") and Little White Lies (although I kinda gave up when Brian went into a coma) even though its a little weird that "Harry" and "Draco" are dating...

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tododapurplecow tododapurplecow

In response to “Awesome! My so-called "friend"...

Yeah. I wouldn't call myself a 'hardcore-bite-your-nose-off' fan, but I appreciate good theater when it comes along. But it irks me when people comment things like "eewwwwwwwwwww, Ginny and Ron are kissing!" "Omg, wincest" on the MAMD page. They're different plays with different characters.

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No, one time I was having a really bad day...Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. I ran into the bathroom stall and locked myself in there and cried. After the tears dripped away, I took a look at the wall and saw "You are perfect" written there and it made my day. Then, I opened the door as a confident young woman. As I walk out, I hear a boy's voice, I look and it was Tom Riddlle opening the Chamber of Secrets and letting the basilisk out. I died, but I died happy...all because of a girl scrawling "You are perfect" on the inside of a dirty bathroom stall.

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DanielJames DanielJames

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"my ****" ... simple as.
It's better seeing as I'm a girl.

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animagus animagus

In response to “"my ****" ... simple as. It's better...

I tried that on facebook and the person defriended me. lol

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Snape: You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them — I, the Half-Blood Prince!

*pointing* Ah! Ah! He said it! He said it!

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MrRite MrRite

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