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my history teacher made us write our own with stuff that happened from when we were born to present day. it was so cool

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Math lesson:

Say there are about 500 billion species of animals.

450 Divided by 500 billion. 9x10^(-9). Very small percentage.

Try the 1/500 billion. That's 2x10^(-10).

That's just a little less than a thirtieth of a change.

Both of them are unnatural. One compared to the other is just a thirtieth of a change. Don't act like 450 to 1 is a big change in number when you're talking about species, which is on a "billions" scale.

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thatguys thatguys

In response to “Math lesson: Say there are about 500...

what a noob

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Or Will. "Everyone, fire at will" "Wait... No, AGHHHHHHHHH"

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Im_so_bored_so_bye Im_so_bored_so_bye

In response to “Or Will. "Everyone, fire at will"...

that would make a funnier post(:

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I have never been more worried about our human race. are you dumb ** really debating whether jesus, or harry ** potter is better? are you retarded? wizards aren't even real you stupid shits

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