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"Excuse my dear waiter, I would like to inquire about the menu for children this evening."
"I would like the miniature breaded chicken breasts (chicken nuggets) with a smattering of the pasta with the cheddar cheese sauce (mac and cheese). I would also like a Coca-Cola from the Fountain."
There's your dignified way.

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Project S.K.Y.

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They're only in style the first time you see said shirt. Then it just gets annoying seeing Sammy wear his "Will trade parents 4 video gamez" shirt every Thursday.

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Keaton Keaton

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Girls: its awkward when you're so self centered that you think the driver spends his time staring at your ****.

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deeviant deeviant

In response to “Girls: its awkward when you're so self...

Guys: You're probably staring at her ****, amirite?

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Hahahahaha. Sexism.

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Ridge Ridge

In response to “Hahahahaha. Sexism.

i'm not sexist because sexism is wrong. and being wrong is for women.

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Cgymnast7 Cgymnast7

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Obviously it's not a week into 6th grade; it's nearing the end of December. And it's quite clear in this post that they've known each other for years. It's morons like yourself that give fifteen-year-old boys like myself a bad name.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “Obviously it's not a week into 6th grade;...

Haha. For one, the poster never actually says its themselves. Its a hypothetical situation, meaning it could occur at any time of the year. And the post is very barren on any information on how long they've known him. Its morons like yourself that give intelligent people like myself amusement.

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Seth Seth

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When you yell at him for hanging out with me it would appear as if you're the jealous one.

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In response to “When you yell at him for hanging out with me...

This is interesting to watch

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Random Bystander

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I kissed 2011 goodbye...

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Serg Serg

In response to “I kissed 2011 goodbye...

I slapped it good riddance...

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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My kindergarten teacher had never taught before and didn't have a clue what she was doing, so we got punished for the weirdest things. Several examples I can think of; I had to sit in time out because my crayon was squeaking while I colored (she'd given me a warning about my "disruptive behavior," but it was a squeaky crayon and I wasn't sure how to get it to stop) she told a boy he couldn't go to the bathroom and made him sit until he wet himself, and she'd tell us to listen closely to the instructions and then try to do the craft project without asking for help, refused to take questions, and yelled at anyone who did it wrong.
Oh, and on Halloween she made it mandatory for everyone in class to bring candy, myself included, and then threw me out of the room during the party because of my food allergies, but kept the candy I'd brought so I didn't get anything.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

In response to “My kindergarten teacher had never taught...

Was your kindergarten teacher a Nazi by any chance?

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midnightcookies midnightcookies

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