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I feel like Pixar is solely responsible for any good Disney films. Any that Disney makes by themselves generally suck. Pixar is where the talent and genius are at.

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In response to “I feel like Pixar is solely responsible for...

what about Princess and the Frog??

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LOL schools have them free but you have to go ask at reception/medical or something and it's embarrassing. Otherwise not really :)

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Liloquand Liloquand

In response to “LOL schools have them free but you have to...

I have to pay a quarter for a tampon at my school /:

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Westboro Baptist Church (who are not actually part of the Christian church in any way, shape, or form) is a group of extremists who believe that war is wrong, gays are the devil, etc. They are so confident that they are right, that they show up at soldiers' funerals with picket signs that say things such as, "Thank God for IEDs" or "God hates fags". Their website is full of hate messages and prayers for the death of American soldiers, it's sickening.

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In response to “Westboro Baptist Church (who are not actually...

wow it is sickening. Thanks for the info.

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Carey. Spell someones name rigt before you dis them. Also Mariah has more talent and beauty then you do in one finger. K bye.

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Haha, I love the song they sing in the first Sims on the stage. They're like, Eyyyy gotta skleeshay, keblar an a cj blar. I dunno, but it's cool.

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Daemoine Daemoine

In response to “Haha, I love the song they sing in the first...

hahaha I know exactly what song you're talking about.

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