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So can people of every other religion, or non religion. Hell, every person can sometimes be annoying, religion has shit all to do with it.

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twisted_memories twisted_memories

In response to “So can people of every other religion, or non...

hell yeah, you took the words right out of my mouth!

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What I mean is that it's not that one doesn't care about helping people, it's just for safety reasons.

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Slenderman Slenderman

In response to “What I mean is that it's not that one doesn't...

ah, i got you now man. and i agree.

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I don't think so. For example vanilla and chocolate are often called opposites but don't have opposite flavors at all, in fact chocolate foods often contain vanilla flavor which acts complementary. If anything, the opposite of vanilla or chocolate would be garlic or MSG or something. And dogs and cats aren't really opposite either, as they both belong to the family Cynofelidae, and they have things in common like both being domesticated house-pets.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “I don't think so. For example vanilla and...

hmm, yeah that makes sense. thanks duuuuude

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same with first base in baseball or softball...you can catch 150 in a season, but all anyone will remember is the ONE you missed.

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