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Oh yeah? Well, you know what????
NO ONE READ THIS BESIDES THE OP, I don't want to inflict this horror on anyone innocent.

You are now breathing manually.
Oh look, you've got a tongue! Was it always this big?
Don't your eyes feel dry? Better blink a few times!
*Yaaaawwwwn* Wow I'm tired. Tonight I am definitely going to bed on time.
I just lost the game. How about you? Still in the running?

YEAH! Let's see how YOU like it!

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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...Who are the other 53 with?!

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ihearandomusic ihearandomusic

In response to “...Who are the other 53 with?!

With a random girl wearing a dinosaur similar to his, resulting in a high-five and a light-saber battle. After several Nerf gun wars, he and the teacher who gave him credit for drawing a wizard on his test went making pillow forts at Walmart with the help of the employees. Then Jimmy watched several Disney movies while drawing in a coloring book, at the same time making hilarious jokes about how Miley Cyrus, Twilight, and Justin Beiber all suck and Harry Potter is the best book of all time. Oh, and his aunt's cousin's mailman's sister's dying wish was to have a post on MLIA.

All just a typical day for an average person.

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That's mean. And FYI, ugly people don't exsist.

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In response to “That's mean. And FYI, ugly people don't exsist.

your mom doesn't exist?

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Ross Ross

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"By gosh, my body just seems to have an insatiable craving for a most succulent hamburger! I'm just so irresistibly drawn to that item on your menu, I feel as though I'd be going amiss without it!" "Very well, sir, shall that be cash or I.Q.?" "Oh, regrettably, I'm currently at a bit of a loss cash-wise. I do believe I shall tap in to my abundant Intellectual Quotient reserve, my good man!"
"10 minutes later"

"I hope you enjoyed your burger! Have a good day, sir!" "HNUUUUUUUUUUR DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *drools*"

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MrRite MrRite

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Should've changed Steve to our fearless leader, Anthony.

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Eminna Eminna

In response to “Should've changed Steve to our fearless...

Anthony's alias is Steve because of that one time at What-a-Burger... you wouldn't understand

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mchristie mchristie

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(I was declared a Saint coz the Pope was like “Holy shit dude, why aren’t you a Saint yet?” and I was like “I know, right?”)

1. Every student shuts the ** up and sits the ** down in school and listens to their teacher, because kids backtalk too much these days.
2. Bullying will not be eradicated, and it will in fact be encouraged – kids nowadays are ****. Learning to defend yourself and learning to develop a thick skin and not take shit seriously is an important part of education.
3. You don’t drop out, and if you do, you’re forced to either enter a trade course to learn how to be a plumber or something, or forced straight into work. No one is ending up on welfare on my watch.
4. If you’re too retarded to put a ** on, use birth control, dental dams, lubricant, etc., then you’re too retarded to have . And no at all before 16 – age of consent, **.

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For ** sake, if it's that difficult to lift up a toilet seat, SEE A DOCTOR! What next? Are you gonna about how he always leaves the door closed so that your delicate, feminine, god damn fragrant rose hands have to turn an entire knob and pull a WHOLE DOOR open? Shut the up about something so minor. Honestly, you're burning more energy typing this shit here complaining about it than it takes to fix the problem 100 times. Also, do YOU always leave the seat UP for the guys? DIDN'T THINK SO! So how about this. Next time I see your bloody pads or tampons just laying there on top of the garbage, I glue THEM to YOUR face! Sound good? NO?! Then shut the ** hell up about the god damn toilet seat!

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MrRite MrRite

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My dad is alive and well.

C-C-C-C-Combo breaker!

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DanielJames DanielJames

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See that beautiful woman over there? She marries old men and then kills them for the insurance money. See that kind man helping a small child? He's a child molester. See that adorable little boy? He punched his mother in the stomach yesterday causing her to miscarry. See that lovely and polite gentleman? He runs a white power organisation in his spare time.


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Will shall be getting the royal treatment, no doubt?

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Montana Montana

In response to “Will shall be getting the royal treatment, no...

It's rumored that Prince William often "uses the back door", but Kate's not really into it. He's literally a royal pain in her ****. (hello)

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underwaterunicorn underwaterunicorn

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No, It just seems like a lot of people picture God as a guy with the voice of Morgan Freeman, and most of the time they picture God white.

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peppers2 peppers2

In response to “No, It just seems like a lot of people...

Most people I picture with the voice of Morgan Freeman are black. In fact, most people I picture with the voice of Morgan Freeman are Morgan Freeman.

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shorkian shorkian

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