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what the **** does that mean

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Your cat just lies somewhere with its legs tucked under its body so it looks quadriplegic, then your cat winces like its thinking up snide remarks aboot you in its head that, unfortunately, the human mind is unable to perceive.

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Shadi Shadi

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Meme material. Just imagine: Now, you too can create your very own wizirdman post. All you need is a breakfast consisting of caffeine and pop tarts and a way with words. But wait, if you call now, we'll throw in a free north korean relative.

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Macne sounds like it should be some form acne, amirite?

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Macne (MACK-KNEE)A rare form of facial disfigurement where the subject consumes too many big macs, therefore little bits of hamburger start to sprout from his face. The only known cure is to dip the subjects face in acid, or start eating salads.
"Man, look at that guy's Macne"

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Montana Montana

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Well to be truthful I do believe this is love and love truely exists.
What i'm saying is that even though love is so hyped up by great poets and story tellers and even your own parents but in reality, it is just chemicals and animal instinct. Not this magical fairy tale shiz...

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rowie1311 rowie1311

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Just because something has a scientific explanation behind it, that doesn't mean it's any less "magical". Love isn't just boyfriend/girlfriend shit. It's how a mother feels towards her child, or how a dog feels towards his master. It's unconditional compassion. Personally, I think the way people are capable of bonding together so faithfully is just beautiful.

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monstrosity monstrosity

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Tell that to all the old people insisting the "kids with severe peanut allergies" thing is just over-protective parents.

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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It really is......I mean if parents didn't use all of these anti-bacterial and disinfecting wipes maybe their kid wouldn't have the immune system of a tomato.

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Hey_There Hey_There

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