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Okay how is this post of the day? I can't even understand what this guy is trying to say.

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Hectic_Glow Hectic_Glow

In response to “Okay how is this post of the day? I can't...

Rhyming is swell, and you do it quite well. If you want, its a skill you should flaunt. You're way better than me, as you can probably see; you're the best poet that there ever could be!

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OvergrownTurkey OvergrownTurkey

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this is defiantly a home page

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for sure

In response to “this is defiantly a home page

(for sure): I see nothing defiant about this post.

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shorkian shorkian

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"And Im singing, cause Im here now daddy, and guess what? I love you, I love you, I LOOVE YOOU!!"

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Mine was in a stew. They were diced with some meat and onions and various spices.

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Mary Mary

In response to “Mine was in a stew. They were diced with some...

I like mine as a salad. just rinse it off and put it in the salad spinner and voila! Whirled peace.

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VictoryAAC VictoryAAC

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It's probably my favorite parable in the Qur'an. Either that or Romeo and Juliet.

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Brett Brett

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