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*clicks YYA*
I don't hear a sound...
or did you do that on purpose (d)

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “*clicks YYA* I don't hear a sound... or did...

He must have gotten this mixed up, there's definitely a new scent when you favourite posts.

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Len Len

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Porto recon sounds like a stealth mission for fat people.

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BrianH BrianH

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Kanye showwing his extreme ignorance proved too the public that he is lacking in professionalism and class.Taylor Swift being a newcomer too the awards show unfortunately assumed Kanye had some dignity but he proved her wrong.Remember she can't read Kanye's small mind. Kanye may have talent BUT HE HAS NO CLASS !!!

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In response to “Kanye showwing his extreme ignorance proved...

May I just say your misuse of "too" distracted me from what you were trying to say?

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Swift = ninja. Taylor < ninja. Therefore, Taylor < Swift, and Taylor < Kanye.

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SarahBrownEyes SarahBrownEyes

In response to “Swift = ninja. Taylor < ninja. Therefore...

Rock < Paper. Paper < Scissors. Scissors < Rock. Therefore Kayne's a douche

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Should've changed Steve to our fearless leader, Anthony.

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Eminna Eminna

In response to “Should've changed Steve to our fearless...

Anthony's alias is Steve because of that one time at What-a-Burger... you wouldn't understand

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mchristie mchristie

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I really don't get it

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In response to “I really don't get it

HAHAHAHA!!!! Well, you had to be there.....

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You know what's funny? That was actually an inside joke between FlipFlopsAndSocks and I. xD hahaha

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Crazy_Tay Crazy_Tay

In response to “You know what's funny? That was actually an...

Do you know what's even funnier? 25 xD

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Disparaging Disparaging

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Sadly not. Neither of my parents have life threatening illnesses and I don't have a crippling disability so I don't think my sob story would cut it. I can't sing either but that's basically irrelevant.

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Thank you. 50 years from now, when we are dealing with epic floods, droughts, food and water shortages, and rising water levels, it would become apparent climate change is more important.

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Ross Ross

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It's Americans like you that give us bad names. Not all Americans are stupid. Majority of them know that apostrophes are not meant to be used in plurals, such as "cars". Second, you have a run-on sentence. Third, the word is "it's"; "its" is the possessive of "it". Fourth, the word "America" is a proper noun, so IT'S capitalized. Fifth, "North Americans" is also a proper noun, and should not have an apostrophe to show pluralization. And finally, if you're going to use the word "stereotyped", spell it right. Ok? Thanks idiot.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

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Ohhh you have NO idea how much I want to kill those people. ALL their commercials piss me off. I'm so glad, you said something. I feel like killing a baby EVERY time that commercial comes on (which it does often). But I have to admit, their message will probably NEVER leave my head. "IT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!"

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KickAss KickAss

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