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Because straight pride is nothing but a reaction to gay pride. It exists solely to spite gay pride. Think about it. What rights do straight people not have? Straight people don't need to fight for rights; they are not being oppressed. No one is bullied at school for being straight. No one is kicked out of their house for being straight. No one commits suicide because of anti-straight hate. It just doesn't happen. Maybe if straight people get into that position, they will need pride, but at this point, they do not. The only reason people speak of straight pride is because gay pride already exists. It's reactionary, it's spiteful, it is not about actual pride in being straight as much as it is about showing gay pride up.

If being proud of being gay is okay, then so is being proud of being straight. But to act like the gay pride movement and the "straight pride movement" are on an equal plane is folly.

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Logan Logan

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It's because they always feel the need to put themselves our there and see what's going on. There's always one token black person with them, but all the other black people thought "HELL NAW, I'm leaving, I know how this works in movies."

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Shugah Shugah

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But that would go directly against the Keynesian economic system we follow today! When the economy is bad, the government should spend as much as possible until the economy picks up again, then the government should stop spending excess money. Seriously though, if the government could actually use coupons, we would probably have a repeat of the Great Depression.

And yes, I do realize that I just went on an economics rant in response to a joke. So, sorry.

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