Atheism: why do people don't believe in God?

I have studied theology and find that the attitudes and behaviors attributed to the "good god" are actually more aligned with what is normally associated with the "bad god" (i.e.,Satan). Demanding worship, jealousy, demanding sacrifices, testing people's faith, mass murder, smiting people for bad behavior, setting ridiculous rules that cannot be followed by mere mortals and the punishing people for not following them.

So rather than choose between an "evil" good god, and and "evil" bad god, I decided not to believe in either.

I figure if a good god exists and has been "mis-attributed" in the texts, then I would be worshiping the wrong god anyways. If there is only a "bad" god as the texts indicate, he does not deserve worship.

So I'll go with "no" god. Thanks for asking.

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VicZinc VicZinc

Yes. You've already probably got good communication skills with them and a large amount of trust. You can spend extended periods of time together and probably won't care if you're not ** them constantly and trust me, bitches love it when you spend extended periods of time with them and don't care that you're not ** them constantly.

They probably wouldn't mind a relationship with you considering how close you are. It's not uncommon that they'll say, "Oh wow. I was too shy to ask you. I'm so glad you're MAN ENOUGH TO SAY IT. OH TAKE ME NOW." or whatever. Plus if your bond is that important you're not going to ruin it by asking her out.

Or hey, maybe you will. If that's the case it's good that you're learning how much it hurts now rather than being **** destroyed when you're 50 something and just looking like a complete weirdo when you start crying in the middle of work and saw off your hand.

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Len Len

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92% agree
8% disagree

Didn't work too well when I was in court.

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StealthApple StealthApple

In response to “Didn't work too well when I was in court.

"Miss Anthony, is it true that you threw your child in a ditch."

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