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I'm Canadian an we have day light savings.. I am pretty sure every country does.

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aperfectsonnet aperfectsonnet

In response to “I'm Canadian an we have day light savings.. I...

Here's a funny set of time facts. China doesn't use daylight savings, but what's even FUNNIER, is that China is all ONE time zone. Despite being the size of the USA, China is ONE MASSIVE time zone. It's friggin' ridiculous. It's ok if you live in the east of the country like I do, but if you're out west, it's insane, haha.

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TommyUK1234 TommyUK1234

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I chose not to drink every time I go out, but I do sometimes. If I didn't have a bad childhood experience due to alcoholism I'd probably drink more, so I don't judge.

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soberlikekesha soberlikekesha

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It's even worse when you miss your plane because you took the time to write "to" instead of "2".

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Whacka Whacka

In response to “It's even worse when you miss your plane...

You think that's bad? I once typed "two" instead of "2" and I missed the entire 9th grade.

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If you think before you talk (if you don't, then you're an idiot), then you must think at least as much as you talk. If you think before you act, then you should think even more, unless you're completely paralyzed or something, in which case it would be difficult if not impossible to vote. In order to vote on this post, you would have to think for a second to decide on your answer and click it. Therefore every intelligent person who votes on this post will vote YYA.

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3 of my friends are triplets, and they were all born 2 minutes apart. The oldest was talking to his friend, and they made a joke that his siblings didn't get, so he said something along the lines of "Oh, you're too young to understand." So, hi brother waited 2 minutes then said, "Oh, I get it!" and then his sister did the same thing.

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i_love_you_and_tacos i_love_you_and_tacos

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4! = 4 factoral, which is 4! Not 4, 4!

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In response to “4! = 4 factoral, which is 4! Not 4, 4!

when i read the "4!" i shouted it in my mind and read the "4" normally

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WhySoRegulus WhySoRegulus

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"What is the answer?"
Can you explain how you know this?"
"I know a guy."

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In response to “"What is the...

Thats a dumb example because everyone knows 42 is the answer to everything

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I say that, and "Trust me, I've met a doctor."

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Julian Julian

In response to “I say that, and "Trust me, I've met a...

Have you ever thought of combining them?
"I know a guy. Trust me, he met a doctor."

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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i dont get it....?

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In response to “i dont get it....?

He went to a restaurant the other day and he noticed that his waitress had a black eye. So he made sure he spoke loud and clear when ordering his food because she obviously had trouble listening

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StealthApple StealthApple

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When I was in third grade I saw a mouse so I ran to my parents and said "Theres a mouse in the house!" and they all laughed and brushed me off.

They regretted doing so a couple days later.

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ispeakparseltongue ispeakparseltongue

In response to “When I was in third grade I saw a mouse so I...

Because you murdered them?

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See that beautiful woman over there? She marries old men and then kills them for the insurance money. See that kind man helping a small child? He's a child molester. See that adorable little boy? He punched his mother in the stomach yesterday causing her to miscarry. See that lovely and polite gentleman? He runs a white power organisation in his spare time.


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