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If I do more then 5, should I vote it up or down?

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DandyLion DandyLion

In response to “If I do more then 5, should I vote it up or down?

The words "at least" mean you would vote this up, you sexy body builder, you.

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Shugah Shugah

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So if you're in a relationship with someone, you aren't aloud to have any deep relations with a member of the opposite **? I'm not sure but I'm sure that considered controlling. If you're have ** with that person then yeah, its cheating but if not, its fine.

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Bob_the_Penguin Bob_the_Penguin

In response to “So if you're in a relationship with someone...

You're not sure but you're sure?

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I used to think that the word "thing" was equal to the word "lollipop". So when my mom would say "I'm almost ready, let me just get my things", I would picture a bag of lollipops.

I really don't know why.

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I don't know about hand signals, but I lick my lips and raise my eyebrows.
It successfully makes their emotions go from angry to confused in .5 seconds.

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PartyPat PartyPat

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It would be really cool if there was a site where you could post your opinions and/or jokes and see how other people vote on them.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

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You sound like an Asian guy telling me what to do.

"You pick up trash!"
"You no stay 4 hours!"
"You show up to school naked for 1 million dollars!"

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Serg Serg

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I remember the first time I looked up **... I did it on my moms computer. Then immediately after I felt insanely bad so I made up an incredible lie saying how I actually wanted to search the word "corn" on google because our fifth grade teacher celebrates national corn day. I think she believed me. Long story short, I watch ** at least 3 times a week now.

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Dwight Dwight

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... and a police car with a giant Rubix cube on its roof in South Africa.

Challenge accepted?

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Whacka Whacka

In response to “and a police car with a giant Rubix cube...


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Favvkes Favvkes

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I went to a Catholic school, so it was extra naughty! I learned what a **** was by looking it up in the dictionary.
In religion class.

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solar_ice solar_ice

In response to “I went to a Catholic school, so it was extra...


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theinfinitecoder theinfinitecoder

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That might work in theory, but human rights activists will completely shit on you.

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MaryKateBurnett MaryKateBurnett

In response to “That might work in theory, but human rights...

Put them in the cages too.

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sometimes i wish i was a harry potter fan so i can understand the harry potter POTD's...

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ilikefurrywolves4815 ilikefurrywolves4815

In response to “sometimes i wish i was a harry potter fan so...

All you need to know is that Voldemort and Harry Potter team up to kill a ginger boy named Ron Weasley. Hermione is a lesbian, and loves Bellatrix, but Bellatrix loves Ron, and she kills Voldemort trying to save Ron. Fred Weasley dies of a drug overdose. A horcrux is a magical item that makes Harry invincible. Harry and Ron fight to the death, but Harry wins due to the Horcrux. Fred's twin, George Weasley, commits suicide after Ron and Fred die. Bellatrix steals Harry's Horcrux, and kills him for killing the love of her life, and then Hermione kills Bellatrix, knowing she could never have her. Hermione marries Nevile Longbottom, pretending to love him. They end up ruling the wizard world, over throwing Albus Dumbledore.

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DandyLion DandyLion

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I think that means (goo) because OP wants to finger YOU. OP's intention is to make you feel significant above all other users on the site. This user makes me want to (cry2) out of joy.

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Shadi Shadi

In response to “I think that means (goo) because OP wants to...

I never (cry2) out of joy, but I do (goo). For jokes, I usually (hmm), then (hehe). Telling jokes makes me feel (cool), especially when I get (l)'s and no one (n). When I don't get (y) I get (d) or (angry), but then I just end up (frown). Bad jokes get me to (un) and (no), dirty jokes to (hello). Funny idiots at least get (lolwut) as a reaction, while stupid idiots just get (ono). I (love) ice cream because I can (yum), but vegetables, (puke). Achievements always make me (smirk).

Um, I'm not sure where I was going with this (wary).

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lonely_jew lonely_jew

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This sounds like something elementary schools would play to help kids learn the days of the week: "Tomorrow is Sunday. And Sunday comes afterwards"

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theasexualsloth theasexualsloth

In response to “This sounds like something elementary schools...

Looks like you could do with the help bro

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So you want me to mourn. Then cry. Then randomly get married after two days of sadness. Then suffer from a day full of thirst. Then have fun (which is hard since yesterday I was apparently dehydrated). Then be sexy which im sure my wife I married earlier this week on wedding day would get angry at me. Then the next day I sing but then id be sad the next day? And how do I do wedding day again without a divorce day? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE

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Jonesy Jonesy

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