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In response to “ur stoopid

haha naice 1

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Objectively yes. Subjectively, probably not. Also depends on what you mean.

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Frank_n_Furter Frank_n_Furter

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Nah, not really. I'm vegan and I keep that shit to myself for as long as humanly possible because someone always has something to say about it.

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Cuban_B Cuban_B

In response to “Nah, not really. I'm vegan and I keep that...

... But you just told us.

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I just have a question. Do you believe in social dawinism? While those points of yours do make some sense, it seems to be viewed through the lens of.. well an animal. You are dehumanizing people.

what would separate us from animals?
"Can our mind evolve to be something other than an extension of our animal needs" - Julian Casablancas

This idea of superior/inferior genes... while they may and will influence your deicisons and status, it is not a prescribed lifestyle. Being born poor does not strip the potential for sucess.

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “I just have a question. Do you believe in...

In my opinion, human lives are no better than animal ones. It's ignorant to assume that we are better.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

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Worldpeace is a bit weird, but I think he has the skills to back it up though. But he's certainly no Dennis Rodman, that's for sure.

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VictoryAAC VictoryAAC

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In response to “

That's a terrible example, because Harry Potter is a terrible series.
The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Elliott Smith.. list could go on. As for authors, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Allen Ginsberg and lots more.

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kerouac kerouac

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Our urethras are not in front of us. It's kind of hard to pee standing up without splashing it all over the floor.

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Okay, we get it. You're lazy.

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I can just see the headlines "Santa Claus and reindeers promotes Meth." Followed by a banning of the use of Santa Claus in the media and the congress voting Christmas a vegetable.

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BurnyBurn BurnyBurn

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how does this get on the homepage when most users are teenagers?

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Favvkes Favvkes

In response to “how does this get on the homepage when most...

cause we **** mad bitches

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