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Girls don't stare at a guys crotch so why should guys be able to stare at a girls chest?

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In response to “Girls don't stare at a guys crotch so why...

...we don't?

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Darling the oranges you sent
Resembled nothing but resent
Think I couldn't pull off another
Whimsical yet playful colour?

Orange is not me, I'm more mm, white
Oh wait that's a shade, correct me if I'm right?

You and me we are over
Like that orange mutated clover
That you gave me while half asleep
Because you're nothing but cheap

Oh you boy, my orange boy toy, treat me so wrongggg
I'm the best girl out there, out there (clearly noted by this here song)

So take back your pumpkin and orange candle
And I'll find my new handle 
On the colour
I decided was duller
Than meeee.

Oh and don't call me back
Xoxo, Taylor ;). 

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In response to “Explain

Well, the person inquires as to whether or not the other person is an astronaut and then regardless of the reply informs them of his erect phallus.

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A man

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This sounds like the opening of an 80s educational science video..."Imagine what your life would be like if every time you hurt yourself, your body stayed like that! That wouldn't be fun now, would it? Lucky for us, our bodies are a league of amazing superheroes led by Captain Anitbody, Dr. White Blood Cell and T-Cell Terminators!"

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CapedCrusader CapedCrusader

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And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

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In response to “And endorsement is a great place to hide ****...

Can I come over to night to look over your manuscript, and maybe give it my endorsement? (hello)

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partinobodycular partinobodycular

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Whatever happened to handpicking the POTDs in advance?

I was just staring at the screen like "I am going to sit here and refresh this mother **' page repeatedly until I get a mother **' POTD!!"

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TheVibeAlchemist TheVibeAlchemist

In response to “Whatever happened to handpicking the POTDs in...

Oh. Well damn these manual replies!!

Get that Anthony? I was just complaining right there.

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TheVibeAlchemist TheVibeAlchemist

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Yeah, just like I'd be more flattered if a guy complimented me (even on something platonic) than a girl because, as a girl, I feel much more comfortable complimenting fellow females (probably because I can figure out what girls want to be complimented on), so it takes a lot more impressiveness for a guy to warrant a compliment, if that makes sense.
And all that makes comments from males leave more of an impact because I I assume guys feel the same way, I suppose.

I hope that made sense.

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HMDucky HMDucky

In response to “Yeah, just like I'd be more flattered if a...

Once I accidentally typed two periods when I meant to type three periods HOW EMBARRASSING (ono)

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Shadi Shadi

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Wow , stop hating on them already , let's see any of you guys try to sell an album . Just because they have a better life than most of you guys do .

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In response to “Wow , stop hating on them already , let's see...

The post actually didn't hate on them, in case you forgot to read it.

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HMDucky HMDucky

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Pixar needs to chill with the sequels. The one movie of theirs that could actually call for a sequel would be The Incredibles, but it seems like they're giving every one of their movies but that one a sequel. Go figure.

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Deadpool Deadpool

In response to “Pixar needs to chill with the sequels. The...

I feel like, in a few years, Pixar will just be like, "You want a sequel to The Incredibles? HERE, HAVE THREE."

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That might work in theory, but human rights activists will completely shit on you.

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MaryKateBurnett MaryKateBurnett

In response to “That might work in theory, but human rights...

Put them in the cages too.

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My favorite screamo song poem goes like:

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I can't be the only one that seriously cringed at the thought of this.

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Sillik Sillik

In response to “I can't be the only one that seriously...

I got a massive ****. Funny how people differ.

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WolfeDeWary WolfeDeWary

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