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What the hell is an Oxford comma?!

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ilikefurrywolves4815 ilikefurrywolves4815

In response to “What the hell is an Oxford comma?!

See We tend to be taught not to put a comma before "and", but if you said we invited (1. the strippers, 2. JFK, and 3. Stalin) without an Oxford comma it'd say " We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin", which implies that JFK and Stalin are the strippers.

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silvershadow6 silvershadow6

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No, you get your atheist card revoked for shit like that.

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Cuban_B Cuban_B

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Best thing ever for all who care: bread + banana slices + nutella + frying pan


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In response to “Best thing ever for all who care: bread +...

Who the hell eats frying pans?

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One day I covered my entire face with blue eyeliner and put black eyeliner over top and turned myself into an Avatar.
It was a bad idea because my face stung SO badly when I tried to take it off.
Not only that, some of the blue didn't even fully come off.

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Canadian_Ninja Canadian_Ninja

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I don't know why but this post reminds me of a stupid moment of mine. I was in like 5th grade and my shoe came untied so out of habit, I stuck it in my friend's face for her to tie. She was like "NO! ASK MAX TO DO IT!"
Max was a very very smart kid so I asked him and he tied it with like several complicated knots and 5 loops.
Later on, I went to that same friend's house and tried to get my shoe off and I asked her for help with untying it because I accidentally tightened the knot. My friend asked "Geez, how did he tie this?" and for some reason I said "I don't know, he used the string theory or something...."

Just thought you'd like to know.

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Ebony_Way Ebony_Way

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YES! For those awkward moments when you don't know whether the person you're talking about is a guy or a girl.

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MissAwesomeness MissAwesomeness

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-Shoot everyone in the airport to cancel all flights.
-Steal plane fuel.
-Add banner to the towers that says "NOT world trade center".
-Wipe peanut butter on the plane, so the pilots woul be like "Shit. I can't fly because there's peanut butter on my plane!"
-All of the above

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Serg Serg

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It would have made the kiss scene with Hermione far more interesting.

Hermione: "Oh, Ron! *runs to him*"
Ron: "*hits Hermione in the face with the ladder*"

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I love when I form a bond with that special someone.

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Craig_dontyouknow Craig_dontyouknow

In response to “I love when I form a bond with that special...

Nobody will bond with me... :'(

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Noble Gas

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