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I find that stepping down because you feel unfit for the role is far wiser than continuing to wield tremendous power while at the same time having your mind grow weary.

His duty is to the church and if he can't fulfill that role, the best thing to do is to let an able bodied cardinal take over.

This pope made the right call.

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I've never understood the no-dating-your-friend's-ex rule. It's not like someone can control who they fall for. Even so, what does it matter? You're no longer dating the person, and wouldn't you want your friend to be happy?

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faithnamedme faithnamedme

In response to “I've never understood the...

Of course people can't help who they fall for but there are a few reasons a person might be angry if their friend dated their ex:

1) If they broke up on bad terms, the last thing they want to do is see their ex all of the time when they're hanging out with their friend.
2) If ... bad terms, there's always the idea that the ex could try to ruin the friendship purposefully.
3) Was the friend expressing his/her feelings towards the ex when you were dating them? If so, your friend isn't very trustworthy and this could have been a reason for the ex breaking up with you.
4) Jealousy. I don't currently have feelings towards any of my ex's yet when I see any of them with another guy I get this feeling like, "damn it, that could still be me." It's stupid, but I can't control it. I would hate to imagine if one of those guys were a friend. That would mean that the special intimate times the girl shared with me are now being shared with him.

I don't think it's wrong to date a friends ex. You don't own them and they can do what they want, but if you know your friend might be upset by it, then you should show respect towards your friend by not dating them.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

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Because your ex is not a pair of pants or leftover lunch. You had, or sometimes have, an emotional attachment to your ex that you often don't have to inanimate objects. I think it's stupid to be mad that your friend is dating your ex, but I don't think this is a good comparison.

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You know what is fun to do on omegle? With those people, go along with it and after a while say you are a policeman :D

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Star_Fox_Elite Star_Fox_Elite

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your totally right, but i was trying to look at it through a real life, more comedic lens

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Qeez Qeez

In response to “your totally right, but i was trying to look...

Even given a realistic lens, taking violent criminals off the streets is hardly a bad thing, regardless of their social class. He shows contempt for the upper class frequently, anyway, although it's true he doesn't do anything to upheave them.
I'm not denying Batman is an incredibly entitled character and that his moral compass probably needs some readjusting, but he certainly doesn't discriminate against people for their social class or their money. Using the lens, most superheroes are heavily biased towards lower class violent criminals, since that's who most of them target.

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Courage_Wolf Courage_Wolf

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He has one of those giant rooms in his house that he keeps filled with shiny coins, complete with a diving board. He swims in them regularly.

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hiimbobiworkhere hiimbobiworkhere

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So only Manhattan is New York city, but the other sections of New York city isn't New York city?
That makes no sense ._.

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Sewcdf Sewcdf

In response to “So only Manhattan is New York city, but the...

New York City is the 5 boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.
Usually when people are talking about NYC, they're almost always only referring to Manhattan. So, I took it the same way anon did. I thought you were only talking about Manhattan, too.

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Investing in companies, or just being the CEO and not really doing anything, while still raking in millions

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Watchful_questioneer Watchful_questioneer

In response to “Investing in companies, or just being the CEO...

What makes you think CEOs don't do anything? I feel like you have a very obscured and biased view of how a corporation works. CEOs aren't just a bunch of fat guys sitting in leather chairs smoking cigars while they try to figure out ways to make poor people suffer.

Did you know CEOs have one of the highest chances of being fired in a company? It doesn't take a very bad decision for the Board of Directors to decide to throw out the CEO and find a new one.

You do not rake in millions by "not really doing anything".

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

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I'd only slip like a hundred dollar bill next to sleeping hobos...

That's what Shaquille O'Neal did and I want to be like him.

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Skr3wBall Skr3wBall

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In response to “

I don't understand how you've went through life being so attractive and yet you're so easily flattered, I would have figured this sort of thing would have became background noise for you.

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Len Len

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This could be a plot to a romantic comedy movie. About a movie.
But only if they kiss and the feelings rekindle but (gasp!) he has another girlfriend so Actress is heartbroken but Actor prevailed, leaves his girl and kisses Actress again in a dramatic loving way, and live happily ever after.

And Actors (now ex) girlfriend would end up with another guy and suddenly not have any feelings for Actor at all so that we don't feel bad that she was dumped. Either that or she's a total **** so we don't care what happened to her anyways.

I put way too much though into this.

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PartyPat PartyPat

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Sadly, homophobes made homosexulaity a big deal. It's a big deal for the people whose loves commited suicide because they were discriminated against for being gay. It's a big deal for the ones who were bullied ruthlessly -again, just because of being gay. If everyone accepted it, it woudn't be a big deal.

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In response to “Sadly, homophobes made homosexulaity a big...

Sure, nobody ever said discriminating against someone who is gay is a good thing. But that said, putting lesbians in cartoons won't really make a difference as far as tolerance goes, because people who discriminate will discriminate regardless of cartoons. If it's a 'that's-how-i-was-raised' thing, then either way the parents of these bullies won't let them watch those cartoons (actually, a lot of parents wouldn't want their kids exposed to such things) so in response to the original post, putting a black and Asian character is NOT the same as putting in a homosexual character. The concept of tolerance may be the same, but being tolerant towards a sexual preference is not the same as being tolerant towards entire races of people.

But who knows. The way things are headed, there may well be gay Disney characters in fifty years or so. But for now the best you can hope for is an implication.

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Unavailable Unavailable

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I remember reading the post and argument you had that spawned this post. Just so you are all aware. Also, Several men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker-function and begins to talk. Everyone else in the room stops to listen. Man: "Hello?" Woman: "Honey, it's me. Are you at the club?" Man: "Yes." Woman: "I'm at the mall now and found this beautiful leather coat. It's only two thousand pounds. Is it okay if I buy it?" Man: "Sure, go ahead if you like it that much." Woman: "I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the new 2012 models. I saw one I really liked." Man: "How much?" Woman: "I think its 68,000 pounds." Man: "Okay, but for that price I want it with all the options." Woman: "Great! Oh, and one more thing... The house we wanted last year is back on the market. The asking-price is 1.25 million." Man: "Well, then go ahead and give them an offer, but just offer 1 mil." Woman: "Okay, honey, you're the best! I love you!"vMan: "Bye, I love you, too."vThe man hangs up. The other men in the locker room are staring at him. He starts to smile and asks: "Does anyone know whose phone this is?" That Is All

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John_MacTavish John_MacTavish

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The problem with school is you can like one subject, and start excelling in it, and the school is like, " Shit, look! That's guy's a chemistry genius! That means he can attain the highest grade in the other 8 subjects. Now, we should increase the time he spends on the others, so he'll improve." It's liek the school is trying to be hated.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

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What you say is true, but i was trying to go for the loneliness factor; the only intelligent life exists on one planet in an ever expanding universe.

Probably couldve worded the post better.

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Validation Validation

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laser eye surgery, then she shall have no more excuses!

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “laser eye surgery, then she shall have no...

"Help, my eyes! My eyes fell out! I can't see without my eyes!"

Never underestimate Velma's ability to make excuses. The **** is resourceful.

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WryVendor WryVendor

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I really hate when people say this. I think you'd have to be pretty stupid if you looked at a celebrity on the red carpet and thought "wow I love her hair why don't I have hair like that". They spend hours on their hair getting it perfect. The same concept applies to pretty much everything about them.
Women don't compare themselves to celebrities, they compare themselves to each other. If they compare themselves to each other then their comparing themselves to something more obtainable as their friends also don't have personal stylists/make up artists/hair stylists.
Some people are naturally beautiful and have the characteristics you've described. Models are paid to be beautiful. That's their job. Just as you'd have to go to university and study communications and then gain experience to work as a journalist, as that's part of the job, they have to rely on their looks and beauty to get that job.
Celebrities are always under scrutiny by the world. They have to look perfect otherwise they will get a bunch of hate. The average person is not under that kind of pressure.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

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