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First ever was an accident..some guy saw the back of my head in the hallway, mistook me for his girlfriend, then really fast spun me around and attacked my face with his face
Still to this day have no **** clue who it was, he just shouted "OH SHIT BALLS YOU'RE NOT HER" and ran the other way

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colette colette

It'd be pretty cool if you became a world famous meme, <strong>amirite?</strong>

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I'm not sure what that picture would be used for... (hmm)

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theasexualsloth theasexualsloth

In response to “I'm not sure what that picture would be used...

"Oh God kill it with fire before it gets any closer Caroline"?

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A man

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I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got nothing important going on up here. We have 3% unemployment though.

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LamWin LamWin

In response to “I'm from North Dakota...but yeah, we got...

Wow! Only three people in North Dakota are unemployed!

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Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

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ihearandomusic ihearandomusic

In response to “Am I supposed to take this sexually, or...

No...Do you find yourself thinking about animals sexually often or...

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I have symphony for them, but I just don't understand it. But by no means, do they need to just "get over it".

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WhoopieGoldberg WhoopieGoldberg

In response to “I have symphony for them, but I just don't...

Most of use just show a bit of sympathy but Whoopie over there gets them a whole damn orchestra.

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Yeah, first time I saw you I was walking through Ikea
What would hit me next man, I had no idea
Couldn't leave your side without a simple ''see ya''
So I came up with a great idea

Oh candle, candle, candle
You're much more than I can handle, handle, handle
Your light shines so bright
Throughout my darkest night

Grabbed you quick and inhaled your aroma
Candle, if I could study you I'd get mah diploma

Just knew right there with you in my nearest sight
That I would light you, overjoyed everynight

Oh candle, candle, candle
Our love is quite the scandal, scandal, scandal
I don't care what others say
I want you to stay

You never fight me, nor spite me
Starting to think that our love might be
Just slightly, a little frightly
Candle you plus me, want everyone to see (l)

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If your muscles are hard when you're not flexing them, you might want to invest in some mandrakes and a potion book.

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B10ckH34d B10ckH34d

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Oh yeah, it'll be a great freaking day when any enemy nation can trounce right into our country and ruthlessly attack our citizens, bomb our buildings, steal our things, and rape our women all because of a cute liberal catchphrase. Get real. Also, there is no significant correlation between education spending and education success. The problem is not a lack of funding. It's a broken system fueled by a government that can't tie its own shoes, and hindered by an out of control teachers' union that has never once considered that maybe education is about students, and not government parasites that call themselves teachers. Not to mention a complete lack of competition among schools, as each school has a monopoly on their district, eliminating the need for real results.

Not to mention that the federal government pays for the military, and has no Constitutional authority to fund education. Which pretty much renders this entire slogan worthless.

I hate political slogans.

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pantherfanatic pantherfanatic

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Ok but I'm Irish English scottish Norwegian French Spanish native American and Norwegian can i make that joke :)

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In response to “Ok but I'm Irish English scottish Norwegian...

Not really. You're not asian or African at all. Or Australian. You missed 3 continents.

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The optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty, and the politician says the glass would be more empty if the opposition was in charge. I think the biggest problem with the American Party system is that it becomes a one-or-the-other deal and rather than "support us" it's always "don't support them."

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Cpt_McMuffin Cpt_McMuffin

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