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So you're working your way down the hip and suddenly you're like, wow! this isn't hip anymore, this is thigh, so you start back up and before you know it...

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VicZinc VicZinc

In response to “So you're working your way down the hip and...

And before you know it, you're feeling yourself up.

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xxdetroitxx xxdetroitxx

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I have had seventeen exams in one exam period before. Suck it the **** up.

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In response to “I have had seventeen exams in one exam period...

17? JUST 17?

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Len Len

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every guy I talk to or even refer to, my mom thinks we are getting married next moth

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justsuper justsuper

In response to “every guy I talk to or even refer to, my mom...

That's stupid. You're obviously getting married next butterfly.

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It's not that some people doubt Global Warming; they're just being skeptical of information given to them. I mean what if we all just accepted every bit of information given to us without any doubt? We'd be like sheep.

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StickCaveman StickCaveman

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Example from A Very Potter Musical:
Harry: And if this song is as awesome as I know it is, well [Cho]’s gonna have to make some room in those robes of hers.

Ron: ...

Harry: You get what I’m saying because it’s an innuendo!

Ron: ...

Harry: I wanna have **** with her.

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Better yet, take a shot of tequila. Then every time you take a shot of tequila, you gotta wash it down with whisky, and every time you drink whisky you have to take another shot of tequila... Good times (hello)

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Lamb_of_God Lamb_of_God

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This is funny!

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In response to “This is funny!

Whoa. Kindness. On the internet. I... I think I need to lie down for a minute.

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TheRaftsman TheRaftsman

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First month of History class: The American Revolution; Why We are Awesome

Second month of History class: Slavery; Okay, We Made One Mistake

Third month of History class: The Holocaust; In Hindsight, We Probably Should've Done a Bit More About hitler

Fourth month of History class: Indian Relocation; Perhaps we got Overexcited

Fifth month of History class: Civil Rights; C'mon, We Didn't Know They Were People!

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FlyingGuineaPig FlyingGuineaPig

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After several long minutes of intense squeezing and secretion of a yellow, mucos-like goo, the large pimple finally burst into a violent volcano of pus of blood onto the adjacent wall; the man shrieked out in delighted agony and proceeded to stick his finger into the wound, squishing around at the muscle and tissue in his back.

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