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About me.
Why are you on my page?
Ha,just kidding.
No,seriously. Get off.

Call me Ishmael. Or Jacob,whichever you prefer.


14 and from Mississippi. (n)

Faithful Little Monster. Mother Monster forever. (y)

I survived the Zombie Apocalypse and now I'm going to Pacific Play Land!

I am not the kind of person who stops the microwave at 0:01 because my microwave beeps no matter what.

I play trombone. 3rd chair baby.

I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. Slytherin.

I either like you or I don't. Probably the latter of the two.

I own half of the world,the other half being owned by purplepermissionhaha.

You may have seen me on your money.

By the time you have read this,I have already formed an opinion of you. Live in fear.

*Spoiler Alert* I don't like you. JUST KIDDING! Not.

Emma Stone. (y)

My favourite movie is Easy A.

I see dead people.

I saved the world,you probably didn't see it. It was on the Australian news.

I can fly..

I was one of the founders of the United States. I'm not in the books because of that attention hog Washington.

My age is actually 14x10^15. Figure it out.

I have a stalker. (wary)

If you actually read all of this...congratulations,have a freaking cookie.

And also,you were born that way. Be proud and don't let people put you down. (y)

I'm done talking to you. Leave.


i love your profile pic!!

But it's okay.

"Why are you on my page?
Ha,just kidding.
No,seriously. Get off"


no we really don't have that kind of thing, i guess we don't really need it.

if we do i don't know what it is.

we have a speaker of house. our prime minster if they have a majority (which the kitten eater harper does) they can really do anything because to pass a law it has to go through a lot of stages and like three of those stages are voting in the house of commons. if you have a majority you have at least 50%+1seat which means you have the most votes. it also has to go through the senates and things like that but really if you have a majority you can do what ever you want. but each area has a representative and that person is supposed to make sure there areas needs are meet when discussing things in the house of commons.

don't worry its cool. our government is like a mixture between yours and England's. we don't directly vote for the prime minster like you do the president. our country is divided into 360 something ridings and you elect the representative from your riding and the winner gets a seat in the house of commons. in the end the party with the most seats wins and the head of that party becomes the prime minister. we have a couple main parties the liberals, the conservatives and the NDP, there are also a few smaller parties like the Green party and the Bloc Quebecois. we just had an election and much to my dismay conservative won. (i like NDP) we also have senates which are chosen by the prime minister (but once one prime minster picks you, you have a job for life) we also have a Governor General which is out British monarchy representative. once upon a time it was actually an important job now its more of a ribbon cutter job. thats pretty much a simple sum up. i could go on a lot more because i am actually a little interested in politics.

it was still your white house and we still burnt it down. also who cares if you were oddly shaped have you seen Italy now thats a funny shape.

*scoffs* yeah you guys started all the wars the only time we ever attacked you was because you guys were dancing about going were gonna take you over! oh but i am very proud of the fact that we burt down the white house.

not really. most of our wars were either your fault or England's. You guys either attacked us or England dragged us into one of their wars.

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