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About me.
proud pet rock owner....love them very deeply.
im majoring in core until i figure out what i wanna do with my life. im thinking business degree.
im a slob. not in a never-ever-shower way, but i feel that a little mess makes a room more comfortable.
i love sports, i play several, and i love to watch them.
i get high off working out, and mountain dew.
im the only girl, so i turned out pretty tom-boy.
people crying and romance in general makes me uncomfortable.
like most kinds of music, my all-time favorite artist is kelly clarkson. also, carrie underwood, p!nk, katy perry, lesley roy, brad paisley, britney, keith urban and miranda lambert. im pretty girly when it come to music, i guess :)
hate with a burning passion romantic comedies, except The Proposal, that was good ooh, and Baby Mama (is that a considered a chick flick?). The Blind Side is my favorite movie, as of right now. i cant stand taylor swift, dont get me started.
i love friends, glee, biggest loser, and the original hawaii five-o. i grew up on Boy Meets World, The Cosby Show, Home Improvement.

people with thin skin who cant take a joke keep me up all night planning their "accidental" death.
i beat up a football player once. one of my proudest moments....not so much for my mom.
ok, now im done, im sure youre bored by now!!
feel free to message/friend me. i wont bite. unless you have a hot profile pic.
and not to brag (pssh, its totally to brag) i got POTD http://www.amirite.net/117743


Hey! Baby Mama and The Proposal are Halarious!

Getting high on working out is perfect.

oh i've never heard of it. is it good?

naw no ones ever read what i have. xD i know what you mean though i get in those times where i dont read but lately i have been speeding through a ton of books

i really love Flowers in the attic, Just Listen, The Worst Thing She Ever Did and The Perfect Cut. All of those are really good books.

you beat up a football player? KICK ****!!

Huh.... That explains a lot.

Now I'm no duck expertise, and you may be, I have no clue, but how do they "get it on" so to speak?!

hahaha I have Ring Leader duck, 2 headed duck, Karate duck, and Winter duck. The first 2 are obviously circus-based. lol I'm hoping to find more soon so if you know any stores where they sell QUALITY rubber ducks, please tell me.

hahaha They're my show ducks. They weren't made for physical activity. hahaha

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