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About me.
EDIT: 2 years in the future, for anyone who finds this abomination later, I was an **** of a teenager. If you somehow know me IRL... We will never speak of this account. God I was such a militant creep. Ill comment with "//"

Age: 16
Songs you might be interested in:
("Electronic to "Classical")

//these songs are still good. Also check out April Showers - Proletr

The Glitch Mob: Fortune Days
The Submarines: 1940 (amplive remix)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Perpetuum Mobile
I put the genre in quotations because that's not really their genre, just to give you an idea of what instruments you might hear. (the middle one isn't really either)

//still true
I'm viewed as Liberal, but I hate political parties, they cause more harm than good. They prevent people from being open minded.

//OH GOD political compass really?
Political compass:

//...really? Geeze... What an ****
I'm atheist, but I am open minded and don't hate on other faiths, just the idiots that happen to be apart of that faith.

Abortion, yes
Gay marriage, yes

//WOW so original, I'm still incredibly cynical, but now it's more self loathing, so that's cool I guess
I don't hate people, but I do hate with a fiery passion of trillions of stars, close minded idiots, not the average kind, I mean real idiots. Therefore, I do hate most people.

//still true, but when I wrote this I **** HATED being wrong, and would never admit it. Something never change I guess.
Being wrong is better than being right, you never learn anything if you're always right.

//Didn't know it at the time, but "thinking too much" was what I now know as depression. WOO TEENAGERS
My friends say I don't enjoy life because I think too much, I agreed with them, then I realized enjoying life is irrelevant too, nothing really matters in the end, besides their way of enjoying life does not suit me. That wasnt a Lincoln Park reference by the way, I don't even listen to them.

//one down, unimpressed.
Only two things I want to do before I die, not that I have low standards for life, I just don't care for much else. //-Lol signs of suicidal depression anyone?
-See the milky way //(Check)
-Watch snow fall from the sky

//I still like being the bad guy, I learned its because I'm an **. Yes it makes you evil you **.
If you made it this far you get to know something weird: Even when I was little, I tended to symphasize with and sometimes sided with the "bad guy" in a story. Doesn't make me evil, I just don't like taking things how they're given.

Wanna know something else? Message me, although in a terrible conversationalist, so a direct question will help me answer you. I dunno, talking to people just out of no where seems odd to me.

//... You didn't even like Zelda that much...

∆ ∆ Can You Triforce? I can't...

How can I unfollow myself? Because apparently there's a follow yourself button, but no unfollow yourself button.

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