Male gym teachers shouldn't make girls with their periods run. When their mangina's start to bleep for six days then they can tell us to run, amirite?

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bleed!*** damnit!!!!!!

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Use a tampon. Or grow up.

Exercise is good for cramps. And we can't take a week off out of every month due to being female. It's not realistic.

How are they supposed to know if you're actually on your rag or you're just faking it? And what choirangel said, exercise is good for cramps.

@incredio aren't you a boy?

& we don't have to do gym if we have our periods.. But if you don't do gym you miss out on fun so people don't really fake it. I've missed gym when I've had horrible cramps before.

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Period cramps aren't the same as normal cramps...

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