Voldemort was genuinely scary when you were little. amirite?

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In the first one when Voldemort drank out of the unicorn in the woods and when Harry had the stone in his pocket at the end when Voldemort attacked him scared the shit out of me.

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Still is D:

@Metallicats Still is D:

Its ok, Harry will protect you.

When the fourth book came out I was freaked out for a month. And what @bro said, when he drank from the unicorn. Creepy as hell.

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He actually never scared me.

When he drank the blood from the unicorn I lay in bed shaking and sweating and the scene seemed to go on forever even though it's actually pretty short. But I was 7 or 8 when I had the first book read to me...

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Don't say the name! It's taboo!

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