Life: I have to to go to the bathroom on a toilet now?! WTF, homework on the weekends, I hate school! I'm falling for insert name of crush. I'm to hungover to make it to class. I hate my job. Sex is awesome! Woah, your pregnant?! Yay, we're married! Sorry, I can't make it to the party, watching the kids. I'm too tired for sex tonight honey. Damn kids on my lawn again. Need moar pills! dead.... amirite?

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Man you're more of a buzz-kill than Buzz Killington

Well this is borderline depressing. fft.

If that's you life, I'm sorry.

@DaveyT lol nah it's not.. lmao

(DaveyT) haha, that's good to hear. :-)

Haha thats hilarious. Can I steal that for my memoirs?

lol, sure :P

I wanna grow up to be JUST like this person!:D

@marianababa I wanna grow up to be JUST like this person!:D

That life needs more unicorns, cupcakes, swedish fish, and rainbows though.. lots & lots of rainbows. D:

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