sometimes, you wonder who the hell would buy the snuggies, amirite?

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Awesome people.

Im wearing one right now because im cold and want to type. plus leopard looks good on me!

People who want to do something with their hands but have a blanket on! Duh.

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Perfect for eating a book, reading a snack, or outsport dooring events! LOL Collegehumor.

I think it's stupid when people get them for dogs... Isn't that was fur is for O.o

Ellens avatar Ellen Yeah You Are +6Reply
@TwoSpoons Some dogs have little to no fur.

I can understand when they get it for them, but in the commercial, they has a dog with fur in it...

Ellens avatar Ellen Yeah You Are +1Reply

they're popular these days, mostly because of their sillyness

im wearing a zebra one :3

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I did...

There. Now you know.


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I have one...
I got it for my birthday.

It's a bathrobe backwards..

I got one too. Although I'm sort of ashamed of it and I keep it hidden so nobody finds out...

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hahahahaha!!!!! i love your mom!

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she seems like a beautiful woman

Those damn MLIAers so they can have a ninja fight with the love of their life using whacky noodles.

ashlaaaays avatar ashlaaaay Yeah You Are +2Reply

Until you get one. I thought they were the dumbest things in the world until my friend got me an Akatsuki Snuggie for my birthday and I LOVE it!!

I bought one :S

Obviously you've never worn a snuggie.... They are the greatest they since sliced bread. You really do need to try one on, trust me.

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i never wonder.... i have one

I bought a Grateful Dead one. I looooove it.


Naw man, snuggies are ridiculous. But they're so ridiculous, you get one just to say you own one.

I did.

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I have a skull and cross bones one. I bought it as a joke, by I'll be damned the thing is actually useful.

I have one!!!!!!

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It makes me proud that there are no (or few) black people on the commercials.

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I did

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I bought one to make fun of it. It worked.

DaAce96s avatar DaAce96 Yeah You Are -1Reply
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