The movie Avatar was like tree hugging madness. There were like, "Oh No! Save the forest." and they were even worshiping a tree. Really? amirite?

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It was a nice Idea I think. basically all the nature was part like god, and they could actually communicate with it, and prove it was there.

..so its no more a silly concept than any religion worshipping a big invisible being.

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Hey, if it had the power to convert a human into a ... whatever they're called (the blue people), I'd worship it too.

When nature is all that you know, of course you would worship it. They don't have houses and buildings and businesses, the tree is thier home. If somebody was trying to knock down your home, you'd be pretty pissed off too. Plus, nature (which was just sort of amplified in the movie) is beautiful and full of life, which is more than can be said for the kinds of places where most of us live.

That whole movie was a joke... it had more stereotype in it than a children's cartoon.

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That's what you get when you rip the story from Pocahontas.

It was all a metaphor for the white man into aboriginal territory. Except that the natives won. Because they can't face the truth. It wouldve been way better if they'd of lost.

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It was rubbish...but had wonderful graphics thoughh

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Oh person above me, so wise.

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I don't think you completely understood the meaning of the movie. Like the person above me said, it's all a metaphor. I thought it was beautiful.

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