It is extremely rare to be seventeen and a virgin in this day and age, amirite?

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It just feels that way because the sluts get so much attention, but it's actually a pretty even split between virgins and non virgins

I must be a rarity, then.

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@Aw. I'm sorry

It's not that bad. It's cool to know that if unicorns were real, I'd be able to tame them :).

Woot~ eighteen, still a virgin and proud of it (: that's what's rare.

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@203441 (PantsOnFire): I sense a MLIA moment here. That's a no-no.

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people in the olden days used to have kids when they were like 14 so it's not really a modern thing... And who cares? Sex isn't immoral.

They were also married by 14... especially the girls, which is crap. Why did the guys get a chance to mature without kids and the girls have to get married and mature with their own kids?

You're like a unicorn!

Common misconception. General studies have shown around 40% of young people are still virgins at the age of nineteen (or at least they tell the study as such). Still the point is, the statement is a generalisation that statistics indicate is probably incorrect.

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I waited until i was 18 =]
It is appauling though, i remember in sex ed when we were 13/14, the teacher said ”if you have unprotected sex at your age, there's a high chance of getting pregnant”, one girl then replied with ”but i've had unprotected sex loads and i'm not pregnant”
I was actually disgusted.
Then they did chlamydia testing and 82% of our year tested positive.

@Chromana What you said seemed plausible until I got to the last line.

where are you from? Because in england chlamydia is veryy common. Plus at my school they were all sleeping with each other, plus it was a tiny little villiage, there werent many people in our year

@poppinyouall No one would say that in front of their class, and they don't do chlamydia tests in schools..

Trust me, it made you cool at my school. They're all inbreds anyway. And yeah they do lol. Maybe they dont wherever you're from.

@Cassie_baby Trust me, it made you cool at my school. They're all inbreds anyway. And yeah they do lol. Maybe they dont wherever...

Hmmm, I suppose. I find it difficult to believe they would actually reveal how many people in the year had chlamydia though.

I am a rarity and sooooooo proud of it!

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(chomana) win!

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Very untrue.

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