Has anyone else ever thought that maybe both the religion AND big bang therory are true? Maybe the universe started out with a big bang and someone from another planet created the human spieces, making him god...? amirite?

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Seems logical to me.

Kalam Cosmological Argument:
-Whatever begins to exist has a cause
-The universe began to exist
-Therefore, the universe has a cause.

The person who wrote the book of Genesis probably wasn't the kind of person to write "Okay THIS happened at THIS time in THIS point of history"... so no one can really say that the Big Bang Theory isn't a logical or religiously valid theory... (for Christianity at least)

also, The Big Bang Theory is an awesome TV show

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I believe in a omniscient being that keeps the universe turning, but otherwise doesnt give a fuck how if we worship or dedicate our lives to it

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