you know those shows where the guy goes into "the wild" to survive? they should do a show about the camera man, Because he's doing everything the the host is doing, but he has to carry a camera. which has to be a lot harder. amirite?

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But who would film the cameraman?

(to ilostmyshoe) : i think two cameramen are enough.. they can film each other. amirite?

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they did that for bear grylls. man, do cameramen have it tough. but ya les stroud is pretty talented for doing it all himself

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Les Stroud doesn't use a camerman.

But then they'd need a camera man to film the camera man. And then they'd have to make a show about that camera man using another camera man. What if we just had continuum of camera men filming other camera men.... ugh, my brain melted.

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