This is the first post with the word, disastablishmentarianism in it, amirite?

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This is probably the first ever recorded use of the word since 1947 at least.

@LyssaBlau It's a fun word I think. :)

Ha, it could be the name of a rebel rock or rap group from the 80s or 90s.

@LyssaBlau Let's do it! X3

New album: "Disastablishmentarianism" by the Salient Blaus! Or the Blau Salients? Or, or . . .

You have no idea how close I was to posting almost the exact same thing about a week ago, only to change my mind after predicting it to be unsuccessful :P

Way to prove me wrong ;)

@LyssaBlau That's awesome! Great minds, eh? Thanks for commenting haha!

I was thinking the same thing ;D Ha. But sure, no problem :) I don't know how you heard of that word, but I heard it from this really creepy girl at my school who just said big words all the time and balanced chairs on her feet for fun :/ lol

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The Christmas Robot in ATHF uses "disestablishmentarianism" in the Thanksgiving episode I think.

Btw, I have always heard "antidisestablishmentarianism." Makes it a bit longer :)

Ha! Reminds me of WHALE. I like whales... :O

Yours is probably a word too though :/

My tech teacher used to make us write out ''antidisestablishmentarianism'' 100 times if we spoke in class -_-

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