Vanilla Ice TOTALLY STOLE the main bass line from Queen and David Bowie's "Under Pressure" amirite?

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when I here the first few bars I always cross my fingers and hope it's under pressure

Ice cracks under pressure.

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His defense was he added the ting at the end of the sample... ha.

My sister had her iPod on shuffle in the car, and I heard it. I was like "YES! I LOVE Under Pressure!" then I heard "ice ice baby" and got mad.

And he got sued for it

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It's called sampling

@CharlesTG It's called sampling

He claimed that he made it up and that it was his own. Thats not sampling thats STEALING. To sample you need permission from the original artist which he DID NOT get.

he did but either way, they're still both ok songs. pressure wins though.

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ya and queen took his ass to court& sued him.

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That is totally right yo lol

Um, this is kinda old news...

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Lol true

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lolllllllzzzzzz, and screw U people who said no way

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Vanilla Ice's defense was that Under Pressure had an extra sixteenth note. Fucking snake, I hope he gets hit by a car.

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maybe wanting him to get hit by a car is a little extreme...

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