If a sneeze is the equivalent of one eighth of an orgasm, what happens if you sneeze eight times in a row, amirite?

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then you have one eighth of an orgasm eight times... not one orgasm

Does anyone else feel high after sneezing like 10 times in a row? plus your eyes are all red. no help at all.

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Random fact: you cant orgasim and sneeze at the same time. Physically impossible.

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Sneezing 8 times in a row is slighty painful.

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I once sneezed 14 times in a row. ouch.

@LamesauceLala I once sneezed 14 times in a row. ouch.

Lol, that's nothing. I get allergies really bad and my record is 40 times in a row.

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Your brain just doesn't respond quickly enough to the eighth of an orgasm, this is why it is hardly, if at all noticeable. Each time you sneeze is one eighth of an orgasm, if you sneeze eight times, it will not give you an orgasm, it will give you eight separate eighths of orgasms at different times which are hardly recognisable at all at the time because they happen so fast that they are not linked :)

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Sneezing that many times hurts like hell

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This is a myth - there's no truth to it. It's not 1/8th or 1/16th. See -

no babies(;

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You'd have to sneeze 8 times at the same time, which is impossible lol

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It's actually one sixteenth lol (:

haha...wait...is it really equivalent to 1/8 of an orgasm?

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.. I've orgasmed after sneezing about 6 times in a row.

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