Even though guys don't admit this sometimes, we all secretly love holding hands as much as girls do, amirite?

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The sad thing is....probably most of the people that clicked "Yeah You Are!" were girls.

This made me smile (: I always thought guys hated it but put up with it for us anyways.. haha

Dude its true. On most nites all i wanna do is hold hands and cuddle. its a good thing.

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haha this proves my theory all guys are secretly softies :)

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you need to calm yourself down mr.

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That's so cute. You, sir, are great.. and this totally made my night =)

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awwwww <3 love it!!!

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boys are just girls but with a thing in there pants and a lot hottier ...i ♥ it and this made my day ...i ♥ men ...u proved that men are not asses

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Just not with each other.

this is really cute(:

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so sweet:):):):)

i was with a guy and whenver we were sitting down he would lightly tap my thigh with the back of his hand oh so discreetly and smile to let me kno he wanted to hold my hand... so cute :)

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :]
And it is sad because they won't admit it like this post says __^

Yeah... I'm a girl and i'm pretty sure guys like holdin hands wayyy more than I do....just sayin

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Awhh. You are soooo cute. This made me want to go hold hands.
:) <3

aww this made me smile

Aww, this is so cute (: I hope girls didn't click 'yeah you are' for this so it stands true!

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Awwww!!!! :D

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actually my husband does admit that...he actually goes looking for my hand more than I go looking for his :) major softie but only in the right situations :)

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dude this is adorable _^

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Awww u are making me wish I had a boyfriend right now! :)

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