When somebody asks you to pretend like you are having a conversation with them, you automatically slip into a valley girl speech pattern, amirite?

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"Quick, pretend we're having a conversation!"
"Kay, so like, what are you doing this Friday? I TOTALLY am going to that girl's party. I don't even, like, know who she is, I'm just gonna crash, y'know? I'm buying shoes tomorrow and it's going to be sooo fabulous. I LOVE shoes."
"You sound like an idiot."
"I'm making conversation."

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I think I know what you're saying. Because I wouldn't know what to say on the spot like that, I'd be along the lines of,
"And, like, he was all like, 'Oh my gosh, really?' 'cause, ya know, he thought I meant that first thing I was talking about, but I didn't. You know what I mean?" ^.^

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Why not... just have a conversation?

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I always start with "I know, right!" So it sounds like I was agreeing with something really true that they said. I don't consider that valley girl speech, though. I usually use my regular voice, too, maybe just a more excited one.

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Am I the only one who's never heard someone ask to have a fake conversation?

@ashnicoleluvsblg Am I the only one who's never heard someone ask to have a fake conversation?

It could also apply to a situation where someone walks into the room or passes by and you don't want them to know what you are talking about so you have a 'fake' conversation to cover for it.


No, I don't say ''like'' and ''OMG'' in every sentence...

I gotta say, that doesn't happen to me all that often...

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