It's going to be interesting seeing what technology our children will be using in 10-20 years, amirite?

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"Back in our day we had to scroll through lists of songs instead of just being lazy and thinking of a song to play."

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@ilostmyshoe lol They'll be learning about walkmans and VCRs in history books.

"And they had to watch movies using (highlight)VCRs, machines that you would insert a casette into, which had the movie on it, and then would transport the image onto your TV screen. Casettes are squarish items with a special kind of tape in it that can hold video and audio information. (unhighlite)

Was a close with the definitions? XD

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I would feel left out and be like "HOW THE HELL DO I USE THIS?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!????!?!?!"

omg when i clicked agree someone else clicked disagree so the number was the same

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damn kids and their damn techmology, wth is a jPod

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