It's annoying when ten year olds join facebook groups like, "I want my 90's nickelodeon back!", amirite?

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It's annoying when 10 year olds are on Facebook period.

Why would anyone older than 10 want to start a "I want my 90's nickelodeon back!" Group.
It should make for some even intellectual coversation at least.

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I'm thirteen, but I do remember the greatness of 90's nick.

What about kid born in the late 90's? Considering 2000 Nickelodian was basically 90's nickelodian minus some shows. XD I actually do remember most of the shows from 90s nickelodian like Rugrats and stuff. (Yes, and stuff.) I am more of a fan of 1990-2004 Nickelodian.

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Why do you even have ten years olds on your friends list

dammit 90's nick shows were the shiz!!! i DO want them back! and why are ten year olds on ur friends list. pedo (jk)

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10 year olds are on my friends list because kids from my old school (middle school) request every person on the planet

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Plain stupid. but it doesn't matter, it's already there. Annoying is more like, it just keeps going and going

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My youngest sister is 10 and she missed all of the great shows. I feel kinda bad that me and my other sister got to enjoy 90's nick, but she didn't even get to expeirience it. :( oh well theres nothing i can do about it

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