Everyone has subtracted 9 months from their birthdate and found out when they were conceived before. And then thought harder about it and was grossed out, amirite?

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it would be easier to add 3 months

My parents had a lovely Easter.
I was due Jan 3rd, 1995. I was conceived April 3rd, 1994. Easter of 1994.
My dad went egg hunting alright.

9 months exactly before my friend's birtday is April Fool's Day... no joke. It's like "I used protection... APRIL FOOL'S!!" xP

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@It's never that exact!

No, I know that. But she told me that it was around April Fool's day weekend. :P

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my sister's 1st birthday. she was in the room when it happened.

I don't get it why it would be awkward. You don't have to picture it, you know? And has it ever crossed your minds that if they hadn't had that fiery, passionate sex the day/night you were conceived, you wouldn't even be here and read amirites?!

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It's not exactly nine months, so you guys really can't be sure.

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on my moms birthday :/

well my parents rang in the new year properly...

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New year's eve..... D:
way to celebrate, guys...

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@New year's eve..... D: way to celebrate, guys...

AHA!! My brother too!! And I must have been an anniversary celebration. New Years and 8 year Anniversary

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Kawaii, that is hilarious!!

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valentine's day, figures

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@sara24 valentine's day, figures

same... nine months after v-day... way to celebrate dad and mom..

August 12th. Kinda boring.

Jan 3rd for me too!

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Dads birthdayy....it still creeps me out

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Valentines day

Best friends Birthday...
Like on the exact day of her birth
Maybe we were just meant to be friends?

My was concived on the 4th of may. You guys are all liing! You were not relly made on those dates becase you eoulnt be here than!! Liars!

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So many people, like me, in mid-November. Happy valentine's day!

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my parents anniversary... awkward :/

Actually, I havent tried and did this until now. Dec. 2nd

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My mom's birthday...awkward!:/

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on the month of my dad's bday!!! it was hilarious when i thought about it...

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My birthday is Sep. 30.. Awkward.

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It's hard to tell for both me and my brother since he was late and I was early...

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Christmas :/

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No. It's natural, grow up

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Mine is just a random day. :/ Sometime around the 20th of January. But I know I was a few days or weeks early or late, so I'm not entirely sure. I can safely assume it was in January, but none of the days in January are special! :(

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Dads birthday

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yeah i was a result of birthday sex...
my parents birthdays are very close together so it couldve been either

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I have a November birthday, but my due date was December 19th (I was about 7 weeks early) so unlike most November babies who were probably conveived around Valentine's Day, I was conceived in the middle of March

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