Everybody says they hate drama, but in reality- it's the most entertaining part of highschool. Amirite?

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As long as you're not directly involved

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Without drama, life would be hella boring!!

I'm trying to phrase this without sounding like a jerk... But, as long as its happening to your friends- yes. If it is directly affecting you- no.

Hmmm, no. Women are the most entertaining part of High School.

Haha, it's all good as long as it isn't happening to you. Then it sucks.

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Drama = hell no. I'll drop someone as soon as I smell drama, when making new friends... that's the last thing I need.

I thought you were talking about Drama as in acting.

I like drama club drama, but that's the only part of high school drama I like

It's just people being dramatic over stupid things, it's really not all that important or entertaining. I just think it's annoying.

nononoNO! I don't do drama. I have enertaining honors classes with people with no common sense to make my school days epic. Drama just makes me go boohoo.

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