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OMG my friend does this ALLLL the time! It bugs the crap out of me! She always tries to be waaaay ahead of everyone, and so when a song comes out (even if it's only a few months old) she'll say in this bitchy voice with this disgusted look on her face "Oh... isn't that an OLD song?" And I'm like "Who the hell cares?! It's still a good song!" I guess I'm just glad that there are other people out there that feel the same way :)

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Usually the old ones are the good ones.

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Yeah most older music is way better than what's played today. I'll take Metallica or Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden over what's on the radio now any day.

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Ughhh my friend does this constantly!!! She always makes fun of me because most of the time I won't know what song is playing on BLI and I LOVE the Beatles.

omg I HATE it when people are like this! I have a few friends like that. One of my friends won't listen to anything that over two years old. My other friend once saw me listening to a song and said, "That's, like, a really old song." I told her it was only two months old, and she was like, "So? It's still old." It annoys the CRAP out of me.

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it true though. once you know it, you dont want to listen to it.

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