When your sick you don't wanna barf cuz it's gross but you do cuz it makes u feel better, amirite?

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Bad... Grammar... OVERLOAD! boom



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*want to

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I actually posted the exact same thing, but it was ignored. But i guess thats the way amirite works

jiggles117s avatar jiggles117 Yeah You Are +11Reply

... headdesk headdesk headdesk

Ah amirite.com, the only place where insted of any comments on the post its self in the comments, you have a handful of grammer corrections XD

Treeleafs avatar Treeleaf Yeah You Are +8Reply

Error, error! :(

Bexs avatar Bex No Way +1Reply

Horrid spelling, but hope you feel better.

Anonymous +1Reply

Ouch this hurt my head :(

Haha I love you guys. Spelling corrections totally rock. BTW get better OP!

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