A girlfriend who would lets their boyfriend play video games, will be the love of his life. amirite?

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what about a girl who plays video games with him?

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No, because you can't punctuate properly.

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Maybe, but I broke up with my girl friend, and she let me play videogames ALL the time..

Maybe it's just me.

yay, you made the homepage ♥

i get my boyfriend to teach me to play videogames, because i suck at them and don't have an xbox

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I let my ex-boyfriend play video games but he dumped me. I think there's more to it than that.
Btw, proper grammar is your friend.

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well i let my bf play when im there and he shows me how to play on top of that i make him food when ever he wants

so with this post that make me the best gf ever

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